Hoffenheim 1 Liverpool 2

It might not have been perfect but like Jürgen said, it was okay.  An away win in Europe regardless has to be seen as a good result but as the old cliché says, we’re only half way through.  In the greater scheme of things Hoffenheim aren’t one of the biggest clubs in Germany but they finished fourth in a division that might be on a par with the Premier League despite what the marketing bods think about the ours being the world’s greatest.  Last season they didn’t lose a home game and when you think sides such as Bayern and Dortmund had been there, that’s no mean feat.  I don’t think we played at our best but we still got the win and probably left disappointed about the goal we gave away, but we feel that way most games these days.  The penalty they had was a penalty and Lovren had made a couple of dodgy tackles by then but seconds before the reckless tackle the flag should have gone up for offside so Mignolet saving a penalty kick I might have still been able to save was justice of sorts.  It’s hard to think of Trent Alexander Arnold [TAA] as something of an answer to our defensive woes and he still makes errors of judgement when defending – see the Hoffenheim goal for example – but what a talent we seem to have on our books.  If he excites Steven Gerrard then he must be good!  The free kick he took and scored was almost out of our retired Captain’s album, nuff said.  James Milner might be forgiven for wondering why he can’t make the starting eleven at the moment but maybe he nudged the Kaiser in the back with his effort that gave us a two goal advantage at the time?  Yep it was deflected but who gives a toss. TAA was slightly guilty at stopping and waving for an offside flag when they pulled one back but he’s a fast learner for someone who’s of such tender years.  Manè was probably the best player in our side and he looks better now than before he got crocked in the ‘derby’.  So it’s all set up for next Wednesday, we could well live on our nerves but that’s par for the course these days.

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John Pearman

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