Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0

Red Faced Monday: After the Sky hype what a letdown.   In total agreement with The Kaiser that we should have done better and we need to get to grips with sides that just come for a point; West Brom won’t be much different.  Like we’ve said before the stats don’t mean a thing, the result does.  No doubt that De Gea won his side a point but he was hardly overworked was he?  I thought Daniel Sturridge had just about his worst game in a Liverpool shirt and maybe it’s also time Jürgen brought Danny Ings in from the cold; at least he deserves a place on the bench?  As far as the atmosphere being red hot as Sky had hyped I don’t think it ever got more than lukewarm.  Their fans were as obnoxious as ever but the fact they spent just about the whole 90-minutes singing about Steve Gerrard showed just what sort of game they were watching.  Mourinho probably thinks he’s still the special one but he looks more like yesterday’s man each time he comes on telly – and that’s a lot.  Fair enough his tactics worked but only because we didn’t have the answers to the problems set.  For two years Manchester United fans and the mass media that fornicate over them couldn’t stop stabbing Louis van Gaal in the back over his tactics but when was the last time we saw a Manchester United team come to Anfield and stick everyone behind the ball the way they did at time last night – probably in Dave Sexton’s time.  For us, I though Milner was excellent and Coutinho played in patches before being shackled or kicked.  One positive was the first clean sheet of the season but Karius does not fill me with confidence, four games now and he’s missed every cross he’s come for but when De Gea went to Manchester United he looked a bag of crap as well.