Liverpool 1 Wolves 2

Not a lot to be said about our shambolic exit from the onetime valued FA Cup.  Our ‘weaker’ side was deservedly beaten by Wolves ‘weaker’ side and that’s about it really.  The brainless Moreno gave his vast army of critics more ammunition by first of all giving away a totally needless free kick inside the opening minute, the fact that Wolves went one up as a result is neither here nor there because the majority of regulars knew it would happen due to the fact that our ‘best’ defence can’t defend very well, let alone one that gave the impression it was put together by drawing names out of a hat.  The second goal came after we’d played tip and tap on the edge of the Wolves penalty area before messing up and leaving a breakaway goal inevitable.  Changes did get made, they made little difference, we never really looked like we could salvage anything and our goal four minutes from the end didn’t make the slightest difference.  No trips to Wembley then so we concentrate on the league then?

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John Pearman

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