Liverpool 2 Leicester 1 [PL Asia Trophy]

Jürgen finally wins a trophy so let’s rejoice.  The game against Leicester was typical of a pre-season game.  The first half was something akin to entertaining with three decent goals and some good football from both sides.  Our attacking play at times was sublime although maybe we did occasionally try to overdo the simple things but that’s nit picking I suppose.  Salah’s goal was the result of quality football and the finish oozed class.  As for Coutinho’s strike, well we’ve seen it all before and hopefully we’ll see it again – just hope those pesky rumour spreaders go away.  Of course what quality we have in attack we don’t have at the back and more sloppy defending that must have Jürgen pulling his hair out gave Leicester the opportunity to get a cross in that was headed home in good style but it’s the same old story, our defence is just one step away from a problem.  The second half was in total contrast to the first and although we gave Leicester a couple of sights of our goal we basically controlled the game but never looked like scoring although Grujic did go close.  Too many changes and they’re happening all the time so there’s rarely any flow.  I can’t remember Sturridge even having a genuine sniff at around the penalty area.  However, that’s what these sorts of games are like but at the finish we did win a trophy, the Hong Kong Liverpool masses seemed happy enough and if anyone could decipher Jürgen’s after match comments get in touch.

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