Liverpool 2 West Ham 2

If I arrived at the ground feeling full of Christmas cheer I didn’t leave it feeling the same way. Despite the almost perfect start we couldn’t build on it, which was a pity because I felt West Ham might have caved in but instead they grew in stature and started causing a few problems for our defence. Whenever they got towards our goal you could sense the anxiety around Anfield and no matter how anybody wants to look at it the fact is teams don’t have to do too much to get goals against us. The equaliser was the ‘accident waiting to happen’ scenario. Lallana didn’t cover himself in glory when conceding the free kick, it was at best clumsy. The of course there’s our ‘keeper. He lined up his wall, then stood one yard from the post inviting Payet to stick the ball to his right, which he gratefully accepted. If he’d have been in the middle he’d have almost caught it. Whatever the Kaiser thinks, this guy is costing us. The second goal was probably a Matip misjudgement even though the attempted ball into the box took a massive deflection. Even so, Karius looked like he didn’t know what was going on. We may have still conceded but a bit of fast thinking might have had a different effect. When Origi equalised after the Hammer’s keeper had cocked up I thought we could take it from there. The second half was so one-sided it was unreal but we stopped doing the things that have brought us goals. Too many times we delayed having a pop and that was all West Ham needed? I did wonder what a fit Danny Sturridge might have done but that’s hypothetical. Henderson’s corners caused frustration amongst the crowd to say the least and caused West Ham no worries whatsoever. The fact is we’re still third, and have a chance at Boro on Wednesday to get back into the groove. On the other hand, Herr Klopp needs to sort out the defensive issues and quick, Brendan didn’t and it cost him and us in the end. The days of Carra, Hyypiä and Agger seem so distant now.