Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1

Having spent most of Sunday doing family things I did have a bit of time to reflect on the showing against Arsenal and I was both delighted and frustrated – maybe a bit like many of our supporters who go to near enough every game. Just how can our team play like they did against Arsenal and indeed Tottenham but also play like they did against the likes of Swansea, Hull and Leicester? “Consistently inconsistent” was one comment. To be honest Arsenal played with about the same passion against us as we’d showed against those other sides mentioned and looked as if they were there for the taking but you can’t say the same about a team such as Spurs. Maybe it is as some of the so-called experts say a question of the player’s mental attitude but the story is Jürgen was fuming in the immediate aftermath of the Hull loss but was in a foul mood for about 72 hours after the Leicester defeat. I don’t think any of us really know what the root of the problem is but the fact is we steamrollered Arsenal and could have been four or five up before halftime. Whether Wenger left Sanchez out for tactical or other reasons had no bearing on our performance because we’ve been playing like this against the top 6 all season, in fact almost since Jürgen arrived. Sometimes Jürgen’s gone for the square pegs in round holes and its worked, like against Tottenham where Lucas had Kane in his pocket, other times its not, like Leicester when Vardy exposed so many flaws. Against Arsenal I thought Klavan did okay and towards the end he got in a couple vital blocks when they were looked for the leveller. Can, awful against the whirlwind Leicester released but more than adequate against the Gooners. I don’t where we’ll finish the season because of the inconsistency but I’m confident Jürgen Klopp will sort it eventually but what we’d all probably give for “The best midfield in the world” at the moment.

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