Liverpool 3 Everton 1

The day didn’t start as I’d hoped, bloody raining again but by the end of it the sun was shining and the birds were singing and Koeman was moaning like a real live Bitter Blue.  Our goals were brilliant, there’s was typical Liverpool defending but at the end of ‘derby day’ it’s only the result that matters.  It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t ugly, somewhere in between and I can take that any ‘derby day’.  Coutinho was brilliant, so was Lucas and in fairness most of our players stood up to be counted.  Those that didn’t had probably been savaged by Barclay.  Anthony Taylor’s a poor referee and that’s been shown in most of the games he had involving us this season.  Still, let’s leave him be and just wallow in Everton’s misery.

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John Pearman

Editor of the only remaining Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. On sale outside Anfield on match days. Started this Fanzine in 1995