Liverpool 5 Hull 1

As we made our way home from this game we wondered if we’d just witnessed what we called ‘Professional Sympathy’. I’m sure if we’d kept the foot down we’d have surely gone close double figures. We looked that good and Hull looked that bad. The three goals we scored from open play had a touch of class attached to them and the penalties were without argument as well. Adam Lallana is starting to look a bit good but Sadio Manè might just be the best bit of business we’ve done regarding players we’ve lifted from Southampton.
You have keep things in perspective because Hull looked every bit relegation fodder but even so that first half was pretty good. We showed not just quality and class but patience as well; like we knew the goals would eventually arrive and they did. How it was only three at halftime only the Gods might know.
Like the manager the goal Hull scored disappointed, some sloppiness that needs to be cut out and it spoilt Karius’s Premier debut especially as in the two games he’s played I don’t think he’s had to bother washing his gloves.
The biggest disappointment to me was the sight of hundreds deciding to depart the scene with almost ten minutes still on the clock. I can only assume these are the day-tripping half ‘n half wearer tourists who wanted to get out early to get a few selfies in outside the new Stand before the rest of the crowd got out? Real supporters should get those tickets.
Well done all those who gave the 27th minute applause in memory and honour of Gerry McIver, the club PR department should have hung their heads in shame as it took place.
Anyway, we managed to turn in a performance against a side we should beat don’t haven’t always done so, even under Jürgen. One of our worst displays last season was at Swansea, another chance therefore to show we can turn over the lesser lights awaits us in the Valley’s.