Watford 3 Liverpool 3

A banquet at one end, a dog’s dinner at the other.  There will be many descriptions of our opening day show but they will just about all focus on the same issues that dogged us from Brendan Rodger’s time to now.  If Jürgen is happy with his defensive options maybe we should ask if he’s happy with his defensive coaches.  Someone somewhere is getting something wrong.  Even allowing for the fact the third Watford goal shouldn’t have been given, the ball should have been dealt with just like the one for the first goal should and maybe even the second as well.  Somebody commented last week about an air of anxiety around our support whenever the opposition have a corner and it’s true but not just when the opposition have a corner, it’s when they get into our half.

On the other hand Salah and Firmino looked good, Manè did as well.  Going forward we look like we could be a goal scoring machine but how many will we need to ensure we can finish with three points?

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John Pearman

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