Bits & Pieces

I don’t know whether we should be happy with a point at White Hart Lane or not. It seemed as if there was something missing including a corner of the ground that’s vanished as Spurs start preparing for their new stadium. The positives and negatives might have both been the same, meaning we were better than Spurs but we didn’t win. The referee was both fussy and inconsistent but our boys conceding 17 fouls didn’t exactly help the game flow along either. Over half of them for were shoves or pushes; at least when a player like Souness fouled ‘em they stayed fouled! When Matip was wrestled to the ground we should have had a penalty according to the latest guidelines and I’m not sure the Manè goal should have been disallowed. The talk about what this team requires has centred on a defender and I wouldn’t argue too much but I think we lack a physical presence in midfield and what would we have to pay nowadays for someone like Didi Hamann or a Javier Mascherano? Matip had a decent league debut and him and Lovren kept the Spurs attack quiet, in fact the first time I realised Kane was playing was when he went off. We’ll have another few days now no doubt having to digest a belly full of Sturridge stories and then they go off to play for their various countries so expect a few of them to return crocked before the Leicester game.