Latest From The Editor

Firstly may I add my condolences to the family of Gerry McIver who passed away during the summer. For those who may not know; Gerry was a driving force behind the HJC and did tireless work for the Justice Campaign. He was also a good friend of this Fanzine and we will not forgot what he did for us.
Like our manager, I’m glad the transfer window has closed. The media – mostly SSN – are, as Jürgen suggested, obsessed by it. Even the LFC website has a rumour column and when things appear on the clubs website some forget it’s rumour believing its fact. I’d like to think now the Transfer Window has shut and Jim White put back in his box until January, a degree of sanity will prevail – I doubt it but we can hope. I suppose we did unload Balotelli and that was Nice [pun definitely intended].
The first International break has been and gone and Fat Sam looms even larger on our screens. Who’d have thought that was possible? And there’s another break not far away. Allardyce on TV is like watching a scary film again and again – or seeing an advert for lard.
The biggest story of recent weeks – one so big it almost wiped the “Alberto Moreno is to blame for all the worlds ills” off Social Media – was, “Are Liverpool being sold to a Chinese consortium”. Whether it be fact or fiction we’ll only know when something is done or not done. Either way it will be accompanied by frenzied stories followed by denials and counter denials. It shows where the game has gone. A Premier League Club [and many from outside the Premier] being owned and run by local businessmen are as rare as a week going by without a story about Daniel Sturridge’s future or fitness. We’re in the wait and see corner as always. We leave fiction and rumour to the clubs website and the media. This Fanzine only deals with fact – sometimes!
Playing three league and one League Cup game away from home saw us going from peaks to troughs in a very short time – no change there then. Arsenal was fantastic, Burnley wasn’t and Tottenham a bit of both. It was good to go to Burton, see some goals all followed by Daniel Sturridge allegedly moaning. It all meant football was back.
Welcome then, to the latest issue of RED ALL OVER THE LAND. The first one to be on sale at Anfield this season but we did manage to sell out issue 224 at those pre and early season away games. The excitement and anticipation over the new Main Stand is rivalling the excitement and anticipation about finally seeing the summer signings strutting their stuff on the green, green grass of home. Not to mention the excitement and anticipation over a new issue of RED ALL OVER THE LAND. If there’s gonna be a let down we’ll try to make sure its not us. Yes, we all wonder what the new Anfield season will bring. Me? I’m wondering if the pies have gone up – again.
Thanks to everyone involved in producing the Fanzine and thanks to everyone who buys a copy. See you around the fields where the players car park used to be.

Still Wearing Black.