Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1

We started the day second, ended it third but if results had swung a different way we could have dropped to fifth and if you’d have said we could have a point from our trip to the swamp, I’d have gladly taken it. Even more so when I saw our starting eleven. Just one question on that, shouldn’t someone with a desk job have sorted out whether Matip was eligible a bit sooner? As far as things on the pitch went, we deserved the draw but in fairness, they deserved their point as well. TA-A let nobody down and Lovren and Mignolet looked top draw as far as we were concerned. I’m hoping now we’re over our ‘blip’ – four games without win is something even if it’s not a ‘blip’ – and we can now see Coutinho playing full games. If you view the top end of the table we’ve only got to go to Manchester City, the rest have got to come to us, we’ve got 10 homes and seven away so more than a few reasons to be cheerful if we can get back to winning ways. I don’t think we should be fielding the Under 21 side down at Plymouth either. If its match time Little Phil wants get him on the pitch and maybe give Sturridge a go, the Cups are worth it and winning games isn’t a bad habit.

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John Pearman

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