Southampton 1 Liverpool 0

League Cup Halftime Report: Well that’s all it is, isn’t it? If it’s right then time to get players to bend over for a communal arse kicking. At Sunderland tired legs were blamed, at St Mary’s there had to be another reason. Forebodings and bad feelings are taking over; we’ve gone from goal happy to almost wouldn’t score on a night out with Wayne Rooney. Round of applause for Karius though, if hadn’t been for him we could have been out of it. Fair play to Jürgen who didn’t make any excuses and told it like it was; although I think his after match comments in the dressing room might have been worded slightly different. There’s this gut feeling inside me saying teams have sussed us; pack the place and let Liverpool have ball knowing we don’t have keys to unlock the bolted doors. Our defenders make a mistake and we pay but it ain’t new, been like it all season, in fact the last two or three seasons. Organisers and leaders needed, apply within!

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John Pearman

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