West Ham 1 Liverpool 4

Well if we needed something to lift us a trip to West Ham isn’t a bad idea. West Ham play the type of game that suits us, they give us room to do what we like to do. See the first goal, Salah looked quick when they showed the goal in slo-mo.  One thing Mo isn’t is slow.  Having Mane back was a bonus because all around Jurgen his troops were falling, no Clyne possibly till Jan, no Hendo, no Phil, no Lovren etc; etc but it didn’t matter.  I feel a bit sorry for Bilic simply because he’s a good old football man but not for West Ham owners, they deserve what they’re getting because they sold the soul of an old fashioned typical English football club.  The dreaded International break is here, let’s hop the injured and walking wounded don’t get any worse.

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John Pearman

Editor of the only remaining Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. On sale outside Anfield on match days. Started this Fanzine in 1995